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“Fun Easy Crafts for Kids – at your fingertips!”


Packed full of easy, fun crafts for kids.Ideas for every season – from winter kids crafts toEaster crafts for kids. Birthday crafts and Christmas crafts for kids.You’ll be sure to find fun kids activities for all age groups – toddler arts and crafts, kindergarten crafts and older children’s arts and
crafts projects.
Click here to see 365 Easy Step-by-Step Kid Crafts.
“LearningABC and 1-2-3 can be fun to do! “
abc-fun-cover An easy-to-use preschool curriculum to make learning the ABC fun!
There are weekly preschool lesson plans, printable preschool worksheets,

easy kids crafts, preschool & kindergarten themes, children’s stories,nursery rhymes

…and lots more included.

Click here to see Abc Fun & 1-2-3

“How to face paint.  Kids face painting the easy way.”
Easy instructions on how to do face painting. So now you can learn to face paint your kids!

Includes children face painting designs and cheek art along with useful
face painting examples.

Discover the basic face painting supplies that you’ll need. Many tips and
techniques for face painting children as well as face paint ideas and sample
face painting designs.

Check out easy face painting here.

“Trying to find Fun Things for a Bored Kid to do?”

There’sa real variety of things for your kids to do now. From preschool creative activities and crafts  – to fun and messy activities for kids to do.
There’s –

  • mathmatic games for
  • toddler craft ideas,
  • fun science activity
    for kindergarten kids
  • early childhood/
    toddler activities
  • ..lots more.


“Fun Brain Teasers for Kids”
Finally! 120 Sudoku puzzles made Especially for Kids from 6 years and up… reliably graded
and available by Instant Download for you to Print NOW!
Develop your child’s logic skills and have something special to share and enjoy with your
child or grandchild.
Click here to see Sudoku for Kids!
“Great News For Busy Parents of Toddlers!….”

104 Fantastically Fun Toddler Activities You Can Play With Your Toddler Today!Low-cost, easy, yet fun activities using everyday items you may already have around the house.

Developed by toddlers’ parents for toddlers’ parents to enjoy with your young kids.Click here to see 104 Toddler Play Ideas
“WeeklyAlphabet activities make learning ABC fun
Fun and educational activities and crafts for your preschooler in your email inbox each week.You’ll receive fun games, crafts and activities to reinforce a-b-c learning.There’s even an “ABC radio” mp3 file to download and listen to.Learning for preschoolers is made easy and fun with this wonderful resource.Click here to see an example of ABC fun
“Stop trying to do crafts with your little kid – the hard way……”
littlekidcrafts Little Kid Crafts For All Seasons is jam packed with over 200 pages of craft projects and
ideas all designed for young children
Craft with your little children needn’t be hard..

Discover the “Secret Weapon” Used by Parents and Caregivers All Over The World!
Click here for Little Kids crafts
“Not tomorrow and not next week”. Let your kids play NOW.

Except when it’s bedtime, young kids seem to have only one timescale – NOW.

Remember, you are able to download all of these activities and games kids can play. So let your kids have fun with them straight away.